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Aukusti RedBlue Star's

PLL - Free from heritage
CEA - Free from heritage
ECVO - Clear 3.4.24
Patella - 0/0
Bite: Sissor, full dental


Brauny came to Norway at the beginning of March. He's from Czech Republic and born at Kennel RedBlue Star's. 

He's the grandchild of Rada (Zamok Swyatogo Angela Aren) and Nugatti (Marmalade's Nugatti).

Very much like his grandmother, with a great temper. Strong bones and very nice tan. But, his ears could have been a bit better (much better), but, we hope he will grow up and become a good stud for our breeding. 

Brauny is father of our The Three Musketeers - litter. 

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