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Our former LH's

Here you can find info about our former Lancashire Heelers.


Jadis was our first LH. She came to us in the summer 2010 and we co-owned he with Procordia's Kennel.

October 9 2013, she gave birth to three puppies in our couch. Unfortunately we lost the smallest boy after a day. 
The bitch from this litter moved to the north of Norway, the male moved to Finland. 

And Jadis, she moved to an older lady after having her litter, this because she got
separation anxiety. 
But, in 2020, we got a part of Jadis back here at Mei Alucinor because she's the great-great-grandmother of The Blacklist-litter.


Mio was lovliest little brat in the world ❤
He was the father of Heroes and Villainesses.
Mio was a real show-dog, and he became both Norwegian and Swedish Champion. He just loved being at shows.

Unfortunately we suddenly lost him when an 
aneurisme in his brain suddenly broke in 2017.


Dill was the half-brother of Cruella. 
I imported him for further breeding. 

Dill lived with my friend Anette on breeding terms. Because of Short ula Syndrome and that his temper wasn't the best, we decided that he would not be used in breeding. 

After some years, it was decided that Dill should move to a couple without children. He lived the rest of his days there, having it perfect. 

He was put to sleep in 2022 because of health issues. 

I imported Solo in 2015 from UK. 

I decided to import him since Dill was not going to be used for breeding, and a bit because the breeder that promised me a bitch from her litter if she got at least two bitches, didn't keep her promise and sold the pup to another breeder. 

But Solo was no good for breeding. 
Not only did he lack 9 teeth, but his temper wasn't the best. And since he didn't like living in a flock, we decided to re-home him to a person living on her own with no other dogs.

He became castrated after he moved, and a bit spoiled with waffles every Sunday. After some time his best friend, an elder Labrador Retriever, moved in to them. 


Rada is a Russian princess after the first LH that got World Winner title: mongrel's Adminrar Duncan. 

Rada was imported as a breeding bitch, she had already had one litter in Russia. We can safely say that Rada's trip to becoming a Norwegian citizen was some what a bumpy ride. 

Rada is the mother to The Blacklist litter and the Willow litter. She was a great mother, but we decided to let it be with this two litters and move permanently to my friend Jeanette and her family.



From The Blacklist litter, we decided to keep Mister for further breeding.

She was co-owned and didn't live at home with us, but in March 2021 we decided to tak her back home because her co-owner didn't keep her part of the agreement and Mister could easily become a "problem dog" if she should have stayed where she was. 

We were told she was agitated towards other dogs and also towards people. But when we had Mister home for testing, we didn't see anything of this. 

At the end of 2021, Mister moved to Czech Republic where she's living with Rev (MA Alex Karev) and two other LH's. Since she moved, she's been showed several times with good results, mostly becoming BOB. 

We will have a bitch pup after Mister when that time comes. 


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