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Limebrook's Miss Autumn

PLL - DNA carrier
CEA - Free from heritage
ECVO - Clear (2024)
Patella - 0/0
Bite: Sissor

Suzi was originally bought by Liv and Kjell, and she has had the perfect home with them. 
But things don't always go as you plan so when they contacted us and needed help to re-home Suzi, we talked about it and decided to say that we would love to have her if they would let us. And they did.

Suzi might be carrier of PLL, we will have her DNA - tested, and also check her patellas. If she is free and we find her suitable, we will use her in our breeding-program. 

Suzi has been shown a few times, and she is already fully CERTed, so she needs one more CERT to become Norwegian Show Champion. 

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