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N DK UCH Sukelyas Cruella De Vil

ECVO: Clear 30.6.15, 5.5.17, 30.7.18, 22.6.20, 
Patella: 0/0
Bite: Sissor, fulll dental

Early 2013 I desided to buy me a bitch at the start of 2014. So I started looking at bloodlines an contacted a few breeders. 

Kennel Sukelya cathed my attention, so I contakted Dick and Trudi to see if they had any puppyplans at the beginning of 2014. Luckily, they were were planning two litters at that time. Their bitches Bellsmond Kindered Spirit and Marmelade's Dutch Diva would both be mated with Foxthyme James Bond. That made it for me because that male, he has something that just touches me.

Dick and Trudi said yes to letting me buy a puppy from one of the litters, but from wich? I was very clear, I wanted a pup from Lynne (Bellsmond Kindred Spirt). I even got to pick her name. It had to start with a C, så, I ended up with Cruella De Vil. 

Dick has all the way given me info about what was going on, so, I feel like I've been part of the prosess. All from when Lynn got in heat util the puppies arrived at the 12'th of October. Dick texted me and gave me info about every born puppy. After the two first were born, both bitches, it was safe to welcome Cruella to the world. 

But, Cuella wasn't born yet. She was the last puppy to arrive. All the worries to pick the right pup and what too look for was blown away when I heard that it was born a liver/tan bitch. I wanted her. And, on the 2'th of February, I will bring her home with me.

“Happiness is owning a Sukelyas dog”.

Cruella was the perfect little girl.

She became mother to our first, second and sixth LH litter. 

She has in total 15 children, 30 grandchildren and 32 great grand children.

She was the mother of the first LH in Czech Republic, and she has children, grand children and great grandchildren in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic and France. 

We lost Cruella far to young to cancer, she wasn't even 10.
Not a day goes by without us missing her. 

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