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Happy New Year


So, then we have entred a new year. What is it that they say? New year, new beginning. Well, I really hope this year will bring more joy than last year. So much happened, and it made me so fed up with this breed and everything around it. And after being stuck with two puppies for months after they were ready to move, I think this year will be puppy-free. The marked is low for all breeds nowdays.

I'm not sure that I will miss having puppies, right now, I don't think I will. But, as usual: Time will show. I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna miss 2022, but I will for sure, now and for ever, miss a girl that took so much of my heart. Life will never be the same again, neither will our home. A big personality has left us, and I'm heartbroken. Right now, I'm not ready to say more about it. It's tearing me apart just thinking about it. One day, I might be ready. When? I'm not sure ...

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