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Luckilly no puppies in Czech

Oppdatert: 12. apr.

So, the information we got from Czech regarding the puppies after Mei Alucinor Alex Karev and Mei Alucinor Mr. Kate Kaplan was that two puppies were born dead. It's sad to experience stillborn puppies, but this time, we think it's "luck into an accident". This because that both parents are missing teeth and have visible PPM, and also due to the living condition of the dogs. At the beginning of July we received a mail from Department for Animal Health and Welfare, State Veterinary Administration of the Czech Republic. The information of this mail was worse than we thought, so we have sent this to The Finish and Swedish breed Club, we have also sent it to Netherland, France, UK and USA. Hopefully we will be able to stop this breeder from getting more heelers and from breeding any more dogs. For us at Mei Alucinor, it's very sad that we know that two dogs from our breeding are living under bad conditions. We have tried to communicate with the Czech breeder and have been trying to get back MA Mr.Kate Kaplan since she is not full payed for. But unfortunately we have had no luck. We are afraid of what will happen to the dogs if the authorities in Czech decides to take the dogs away from this breeder. They have been informed that we want to take care of the dogs if this happens. For those who wants a copy of the email, send us a message and we will send it to you. Update 2024: I have received pictures and films of the dogs (Mister, Rev and June, and also Rev and Junes daughter from their first litter). It was really sad to see how they looked, and how neglected they was from Dvorska. The newest film we received, showed a very clear difference from when they first was picked up from Dvorska. Still no news if Dvorska will be punished for the abuse of her dogs, cats and hens. So, at the moment we still don't know if we will get the dogs back from Czech. But we have not given up hope.

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