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May 2023

Oppdatert: 2. aug. 2023

A short update from us: *Nancy stayed - maybe not a big surprise ... *In March, Brauny came to us. He's an import from Czech Republic and breeder Hanny Pavlíková. He's living in Rakkestad. *Att he last day of April, Mei Alucinor Richard Webber became BOB at NKK Kristiansand. He then got his last CAC and became Norwegian and Danish Champion. He also qualified to Crufts 2024. *At the beginning of May, Suzi came to us. She was going to live with a friend of ours, but Suzi and her dog did not get along. So, we are now looking for another place she can live. She is a cute girl, a bit shy in the beginning, but she get's quickly house-warm. So, the not so happy news: You think you know people, and think that everything is ok. Then you find out that things are not as good and people show their true self. One of my puppy buyers has after I asked for the rest of the money that the person owes for a bitch I sold her, has blocked me from Facebook and other places. The deal was that I should get a bitch puppy after this dog, from either first or second litter. First litter gave just a stillborn pup. And, it was also a result of an accident mating between to dogs that in my opinion should not be mated to each other. Then I was asked if I still wanted a pup after the bitch, or the money. I said I wanted the money. My puppy buyer then said she would mate her male with the bitch. In my opinion, not a good combo. Two good dogs, but, they both misses teeth and they both have visible PPM. Doubling fault is not something you do if you want to be a serious breeder. I know that the bitch is expecting, I guess now at the end of May/beginning of June. It makes me sad that she has done this mating, as far as I have learned, it's not according to the rules of the Czech Kennel Club either, since you can only have one litter a year on a bitch. And it's not been a year since last time. I still haven't gotten my money, I guess I never will either. And, she has promised me that I will never ever hear about how the dogs she bought from me are doing either. This brakes my heart, but, it's nothing I can do about it. One thing is for sure though, I will never recommend anybody to sell a dog to this person, and if you want a LH pup for toher than show and breeding, don't buy from this litter. Breeding two dogs who have the same fault is not good breeding. It's also very sad to see how low some can sink ...

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Luckilly no puppies in Czech

So, the information we got from Czech regarding the puppies after Mei Alucinor Alex Karev and Mei Alucinor Mr. Kate Kaplan was that two puppies were born dead. It's sad to experience stillborn puppie


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